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A new music non-profit featuring concerts, teaching and community outreach.

Concierge Concerts

Fundraising for Music in the Woods

While we continue to seek funding for Music in the Woods, in 2018 we launched Concierge Concerts, which funds Music in the Woods and its mission. Concierge Concerts provide an alternative and more intimate way of experiencing live classical music. When you purchase a Concierge Concert ticket, you select your day and time, invite your audience and select the music from a special menu that you would like to hear performed. You will be given access to your private concierge that will handle all the necessary arrangements to make your concert special and memorable for you and your guests.

Ticket purchases are 100% tax deductible, and go directly to Scholarship Funds for Music in the Woods. No matter how big or small, your contribution to Music in the Woods makes a huge difference in the lives of our community.

Support Music in the Woods by booking a concierge concert today.


a message from our founder


Lisa Tannebaum

President, Music in the WoodS

Lisa Tannebaum_0845_54_02mt.jpg

I invite you to be a part of this new and exciting non profit, Music in the Woods. 

Music In The Woods has its performance space surrounded by Treetops State Park, and three million daffodils. In the spring, animals emerge from winter lairs, flowers dance and birds commence their magical songs. Music is there in the woods. We unplug and listen.

We're located at the Treetops Performance Studio, nestled in the woods of Mianus River State Park in Stamford. Electrifying concerts, mentoring programs, easy parking and affordable tickets and community outreach make our non-profit an exciting center for performing arts in Fairfield County. Please join our efforts to help the community through music by coming to more concerts at Music in the Woods. More information about our programs can be accessed below.

We look forward to seeing you here at Music in the Woods. 

Sincerely yours,

Lisa Tannebaum


Mission Statement 

Music In The Woods will provide concerts, educational opportunities and musical enrichment for students and the community. 

MITW will schedule chamber and solo concerts at the Treetops Studio annually. Professional musicians will mentor selected students before their concert.  The mentoring sessions will conclude with a collaborative concert featuring either mentors and students or students alone. A regular subscription series concert will follow by the mentors.

Music in the Woods, unique Angel Program helps the community through live music. MITW will provide a musical angel at no cost to those who seek enrichment for their cause. 

MITW embraces all music. The studio will be a place where the quality is exquisite and the performance space intimate, inviting, and restorative.


For more information please refer to Frequently Asked Questions below. 

Be a part of Music in the Woods and book now to be involved today! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I get there? 

Music in the Woods is conveniently located off I-95 and Meritt Parkways. Average driving distance from New York City is around 1 hour. 

How do I buy a ticket? 

Ticket purchases can be reserved by calling 203.614.9084, or by emailing us at 

Why does it matter? 

A ticket bought today goes a long way in a making a difference in someones life by opening music into their lives.

What makes Music in the Woods unique? 

Music in the Woods is nestled in Mianus State River Park, surrounded by big beautiful trees, three million daffodils and some of the the most sought after musicians make it a unique and welcoming place. 

How can I contribute?

One way to contribute is simply attend these concerts the third weekend of the month, starting September. Call 203.614.9084, and make a reservation, knowing all proceeds are a tax deductible donation for the Angel Program

What is the Angel Program?

The Angel Program will send out musicians to help community or individual causes.  Through live music, anyone who needs help, whether it be a non-profit organization that needs funding, a school that would benefit from a music education workshop, an immobilized individual, or in hospice care, our empathetic Angels are at your service.

Are purchases tax deductible?

Yes, all purchases made online or through the phone is 100% tax deductible.